Thursday, May 29, 2008

New toy

Picked up my new toy this week. An EeePC from ASUS. It is a laptop which runs on Linux, has 512mb memory, 4gb hard drive, no CD or DVD, no real graphics and a 7” screen. Why would anyone possibly want one?

Well, it boots up in around 10 sec. It has flash memory only (expandable via SD cards) built-in wifi, webcam and mic. It weighs less than 1kg and comes equipped with Skype, Firefox, Open Office and all the apps you could really need. All for £200.

I’ve connected a Vodafone Mobile broadband dongle and I’m up and running on the internet anywhere I can get a signal. In theory up to 7mb! I’ve stuck a 2gb SD card in the slot and have a 1gb flash stick.

It is brilliant for travelling and can be used anywhere.

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