Friday, May 30, 2008

EEEsy peeeeesy

I'm sitting in Starbucks in Reading with a Lemon and Orange muffin and a Grande Latte, watching the world go by, I love this little machine. It is no heavier than a bag of sugar and yet it can bring me the world. Almost anywhere!

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Seven Crows said...

Just saying hi- saw your comment on The Atheist Experience post about Morton's Demon. Came here and saw you have an Eee PC too! I got mine a month or so ago and I love it so much. Carry it with me everywhere now like an addict. I am sure my friends are tired of me saying "oh let me look that up!" and firing the Ee PC up for some googling.

Oh and also like that you said EEEsy peeeeesy. Easy Peasy is one of my favorite sayings. So hello from Vermont!