Friday, October 27, 2006

It's not my fault, Demons did it!

Take a look at this. Here we have the Pope, Rome’s chief exorcist (Father Amorth) and a Father Jayachandra of Boulder, Colorado all being quoted extensively promoting the idea of demons and possession by devils being a realistic occurrence.

To Quote from the article:

Cardinal Ratzinger [The Pope] pointed to a deeper relationship between Hitler and the devil.“Hitler was able to foresee demonic situations,” he said. “For instance, I once read an account of how the preparations were made for Il Duce’s (Italian dictator Benito Mussolini) visit to Berlin. Those who were responsible for various aspects of it made their suggestions, and after a long time he said: ‘No, none of that is right. I can see how it ought to go.’ And in a kind of ecstasy he delivered a lecture about it, and it was all done like that.

So Hitler was unhappy at the preparations being made for the visit of his Italian mentor and that is taken as being able to foretell the future? All this demonic crap simply allows apologists to say that “it was not really his fault; he was possessed by a devil”

On the film The Exorcist, Father Amorth says He [feels] it was particularly helpful in showing how exorcism is of value when all medical care has proved useless.” He also seems to think it was a documentary! : “Fifteen scenes are very real, the substance of the film is positive.” Which scenes, the head spinning? The levitation? What? Explain how an exorcism actually works. (i.e saying some mumbo-jumbo and showing some objects or sprinkling tap-water that some designated holy-man has waved his hand over and cast a spell is going to succeed where the entire medical profession with years of scientific endeavour using tried, tested AND PROVABLE methods fails!)

It seems that Fathers Amorth and Jayachandra lament the lack of belief in demons and possession anymore and that is a bad thing to them. Amorth says

“People have lost the faith and superstition, magic, Satanism, or Ouija boards have taken its place, which then open all the doors to the presence of demons.”
Whilst Jayachandra says: “They don’t believe in demons anymore, but it’s a biblical doctrine, and it’s a big problem, it’s a ministry, and canon law says it is so.”

So demons exist because the church says they do? Do they have any actual evidence? Obviously these two priests can collect money from grateful parishoners who have been ‘cured’ of their demonic possession, they can continue to fleece the gullible and trusting dupes into believing their white magic is stronger than the bad guys evil magic. It is not as though they actually have a tangible bad guy to fight against so they even have to make him up too!.

Think about it, what a great scam. I invent a bogey man and then scare you into believing he exists. I then claim that I alone have the cure and only I can make the bogey man go away but to do so you have to believe that only I have the power and give me loads on money.

I call it extortion. It is the same as the Mafia has been doing for years. Come to think of it, maybe there has been plenty of documented links between the Catholic Church and the Mafia! Could it be they are one and the same?

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