Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tales From the Rural Divide, the beginning...

Tales From The Rural Divide 28/1/06

What is this Blog about? Well to be truthful I have yet to determine that myself. I can see it evolving over the coming months and years from something which no one is the slightest bit interested in to something that might, just might mind you, interest somebody out in the electronic ether.

First let me tell the world what it is not. I know one should rarely, if ever, determine ones standpoint by what one is not, but it might help us focus on what we think is important.

  1. It is not a rant. I will not be a self-opinionated bigot.
  2. I will not subscribe to any particular political or religious affiliation.

What it is not is easy, what it is is more difficult but here is a stab:

  1. I will be sceptical about anything which clearly is unnatural, unreal or downright stupid.
  2. I will treat with respect, those people who deserve it, not those who think I should just because they are different or unusual or a minority. Stupidity is not restricted to any particular creed, colour or nation.
  3. I will write about things which interest me; you may disagree, that is your right, I may disagree with you, that is my right. If you feel the need to contact me, please remember that.
  4. The only thing to which I will always remain true is to Hibernian Football Club and to the nation of Scotland. Both are not without faults and I am happy to discuss these, but…
  5. Whilst I am never wrong about anything, I can admit to being less right on some occasions.

There that’s our initial principals, how about the first topic.

Well I thought to take a stab at a debate raging (cliché alert…) over the pond on this dispute about Intelligent Design. Tune in shortly for my initial essay.


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